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I've been sitting here thinking...  (oh my god no!!) ...yeh, and that can be bad... (to put it mildly) ...but just because I -can-, I'm going to give you my thoughts.   note:-- be aware that the following is in no way a reflection of dA's management team's thoughts or opinions, these are strictly my own opinions -

Y'know, I'll be the first to admit that I was somewhat 'leery' of the whole yaoi thing.  Back then, I didn't actually know what it was all about.  However, my turning point I shall blame on several people here on dA (most gratefully, I might add).  MagicRat is one of them.  For shame on her for writing such wonderfully fun and interesting fanfiction.  *tsk*  Then there's MintFlavoured who has quite beautifully shown just what the right men in the right setting can do for one's heart rate (escalate it so that one is breathless).  Shame on her too. *tsks again*  There's adarkworldfantasy whose art is just awe-inspiring to me.  I mean, to be able to write -and- draw such vivid imagery, is just too amazing!  Let's not forget Enide-Dear who seems to never have a shortage of interesting plot twists and scenarios that drag me into crazy fun at every turn.  Oh, and Lady-Avalon always has something to show us, some wonderful trip to fantastic places to make us drool and go "awww" over those fabulous cosplays!  Seriously, when does she sleep?  *tsk*  Then there's animama who just makes me smile every freakin time I see her work!  Geez.  Must be nice to be so talented! *pfft*  And what about sunstroke-art?  I mean really, she's always there, at every fic or piece of FFVII work I see (almost).  The woman gets around!  And her NomComs are absolutely the cutest things!!  :giggle:  Of course, you'll note that all of the above-mentioned show our beloved FFVII characters in yaoi situations, right?  That is my weakness...and they all preyed upon it most deviously.  ;)  There are a lot of yaoi works on dA, no doubt, and many are beautiful, wonderful to read, inspirational and interesting.  But, I will admit that my favorite is the whole FFVII world and how our lovely artists have tweaked it to give all of us yaoi fans exactly what we want.  :squee:  

As I said, I've been thinking, and it still amazes me just how many people are so 'against' yaoi in any form.  I don't really understand how or why.  Maybe I'm just naive or something y'know?  I mean, to me, people are people.  Sure, there are male and female, but in my twisted brain the human as a species shouldn't be forced into either of those roles, or at least not the way a lot of humanity (as a whole) seems to think it should be.  I mean, generally speaking, most religions state somewhere in their rules and regulations that man (meaning human) should respect and love their fellow man (humans).  Right?  Not all, sure, but most.  So, why is it such a terrible and frightening leap to go one step further and actually present that love in a mature manner?  Isn't that what 'love your fellow man' is all about?  Maybe not.  I mean, I'm not gay, nor would I wish to be.  But that's my choice.  However, I wouldn't take anyone -else's- choice from them.  That would be wrong of me.  And it also seems wrong to force those who wish to enter into a same-sex relationship to abstain from it simply because someone -else- has decreed it's wrong.  Who said it was wrong?  And why?  And when?  I dunno, just seems to be trying to force a round peg into a square hole.  The whole thing is wrong, and I'm talking about forcing anyone to do anything.  Sure, we have a moral compass that leads us in the right direction.  But honestly, my direction might not be the same as yours.  And that's my choice, as it is yours.  Geez, leave it all alone will ya?  Just accept your fellow human as a fellow -human- without trying to squash them into a specific design that -you- think is right.

*ahem*  And back to the whole "yaoi" thing.  I'm not even sure a lot of people are aware of what "yaoi" means exactly.  According to Wikipedia, it's "also known as 'boy's love (BL)', a Japanese genre of fictional media focusing on romantic or sexual relationships between male characters, typically aimed at a female audience and usually created by female authors."  Yay for women!  :lol:

So what is it that lures us to yaoi?  Y'know, honestly I'm not sure.  In my case, I think it's the way most of the yaoi fiction I read or the pictures I see seem so loving and the relationships so honest.  *shrug*  I suppose in real life most of those fictional works wouldn't actually work, at least not over a long period of time, not in the way we see them written.  But, I'm not sure.  I have gay friends, both male and female, and in MY humble opinion, first of all being gay is a unique situation for the person and a lot of the time the person(s) involved tend to be more forgiving and caring than most other people I know.  And, not being gay myself, I don't know why.  However, I am grateful for that.  I mean, more good, caring, forgiving and loving people in the world is what we really NEED nowadays, right?  Of course there are also those who use their sexual preferences as a defense, a shield against the world, or a weapon.  That's going to be difficult for them and yet I know people who are that way.  But, as I stated earlier, people are people and it doesn't matter whether they are male or female or something in between or both.  Doesn't matter to -me- anyway.  I take people as they are, the good and the bad, the typical and the unusual, all rolled into one which makes them unique and interesting.  Everyone is different.  Period.  Everyone.  So why try to make everyone the same?  Seems a huge waste of natural resources.  Seriously.

-- AP

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