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this is for those who happened to notice that I haven't been around lately.  No, I'm not dead.  I haven't been kidnapped by aliens.  I've not been whisked thru time and space to some other AU (oh the daydreams I could go into!).  I'm just here, being uber-depressed.  I've been enduring this for about a month but since Mother's Day it's gotten a lot worse.  I have 3 sons and only one noticed me and mentioned the holiday.  :o  So anyway, I'm trying to claw my way out of this hole I'm in but it ain't easy.  

In the meantime, I got Sims 3 for Mother's Day (from the one son who remembered me) and I've been downloading content (which I really don't need but its fun to have) and playing that game along with World of Warcraft.  WoW isn't going incredibly well (raiding can be so stressful).  However, Sims 3 is as addictive, as Sims 2 was.  Glad my computer doesn't think it's some impossible task, altho it usually takes nearly 10 minutes to load the damned program!  Once it's loaded though, it works really well.  *shrug*  Go figure.  

Anyway, seeing as how I'm not a great conversationalist currently and I don't have much to say on any matter at any time, not to mention I haven't been sleeping (wow, that's unusual *cough*) and I can't focus for shit...yeh, my life pretty much sux right now.  I drop by on occasion to glance at my inbox altho I rarely ever actually spend more than a few minutes in my favorite place on the web.  Nothing seems capable of holding my interest and I can't seem to think/focus on a subject for any length of time.  I have no muses (they've all taken a vacation apparently) and I'm all alone in the world-of-Archette...which is a scary place to be.  :o  

I have noticed that there's been some things going on with my friends that I should mention and since I haven't dropped any comments on anyone's pages, I'll do it here, all at once (yeh, I'm a total lazy bitch) ---
To MagicRat  LOVEYOULOTS! Sorry you lost your sweet Ming.  That was totally unexpected.  And I love the stories, both the new one and the continuation of the utterly cute and sweet CidxTseng.  Both of those are hidden away in my text files for later smiling over.  You always make me smile and no matter how shitty my day has been, my sweet Rattie is there to virtually hug me and make things better. Thanx so much, love!  :heart:

To adarkworldfantasy MISSYOUMUCH!  Hope all is going well for you.  Hang in there and don't work too hard.  Give your mom hugs for me, just because I can.  ;)  And concerning your story...I have copy/pasted it to add to my text collections in a little folder all its own. (especially from my sweet Jae)  Wonderful work, sweetie!  Honestly, you forever amaze me!  Love you so much!  :hug: :heart:

To ladyavalon  missyoumuch, too!  and if you don't write me something RP-related anything soon I'm going to hop a flight, find you and throttle you (and mention your landlady's loudness-thru-walls to her in passing)  :P

To grandpatoenail cute little Indie-birdie!  hope he's doing well now, surely he is now that he has a proper home and someone who cares!  :D

To SuicideBySafetyPin  Love your work, hon.  ALL of it!  I didn't give my 'critique' because I'm such a fan I wouldn't be able to properly give an un-biased opinion.  :hug:

To Beikonated, p-chan, TehPuroisen, & Trackdancer keep up the marvelous work guys!  Always love to see work by all of makes me smile.  the comics forever keep me entertained and I'm so impressed by all of you!  :hug:

To Cherokee-Rose just...OMG!  :faint:  Yeh, beautiful work, but then it always is.  Now I have more stolen pictures to add pizzaz (and a lot of drool) to my desktop!  Thank you so much for sharing your work and talent, hon!  ;)

To Vinvalenwind  I always believed in you.  Will always.  You're a special, brilliant and wonderfully dear person, hon.  Miss seeing you around here.  Hopefully all is going well for and with you.  :huggle:

To my ever-faithful friend ChaosticSoul  You know you're loved by me, right?  :heart:  You know you make my life better by being my friend, right?  You know I'm always around, even if I'm hiding in the shadows of AIM, right?  (don't stress too much over the finals, yeh?)  :huggle:

So many others, and so much beautiful, inspired, wonderful work out there to look through and enjoy.  To all my friends and acquaintances, to those who lighten my heart and brighten my days, thank you so much for sharing your talents and gifts.  The world is really a better place because of that.  

I'll be back eventually.  Just don't forget me?  Maybe?  Hopefully?  Possibly?  Love you guys!  :hug:
-- AP

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Thank you for the watch dear! *bows and removes imaginary hat with a flourish*
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Miss you too dear :cuddle: take care of yourself!
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I'm doing my best.  :love:
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